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Add value to your properties with the most wholesome, easiest to use, economically priced and complete smarthome solution in the market.

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Smarthome OS + Hardware

The Hoolets™ smarthome system is a one stop solution that serves smarthome, energy management and managed property needs. The easiest to integrate solution in the market for builders.

Smarthome system

Smart Metering

Smarthome system

Smart home

Smarthome system

Service panel

Smarthome system


Use Hoo in your Home

Smarthome system

Zero Setup

No smart device setup required.

Smarthome system


No data shared without consent.

Smarthome system

Any Device

Majority smarthome devices supported.


Leading builders choose Hoo

One window

Internet, smarthome, energy management and servicing.

Integrated with home

Hardware integrated with home as part of building.

Very low cost

Similar in price to conventional electrical outlets.

Increase Valuations

Increase the value of property by upto 10%.

Powerful Features

The most powerful and advanced IoT features in the market.

Sell faster

Sell 1.5 times faster than average.

Serve more markets

Comply with global and state data privacy and IoT laws.

save costs

Avoid seperate LAN networking, smart metering and access control systems.

Be premium

Have the best smarthome technology in the market.


System components

Smarthome system

Smart Display

Smarthome system Smarthome system

Electrical Outlets


Smart building solution for

Smarthome system

The solution is available for multiple property types with standard and non-standard package types.

Smarthome system


Smarthome system


Smarthome system

Mixed use

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